Best Electric Toothbrush for Gingivitis & Periodontal Disease | NEW LIST


What is gingivitis?

Gingivitis is referring to gum inflammation which affects the base of your gum area. This results in redness, swelling, pain, itchiness and receeding gums. You can’t chew and eat properly when you have gingivitis. There are several reason for gum disease some of the factors are lack of brushing, not flossing your tooth plaque, not cleaning surface stains on regular days and bad diet.

Gingi – Gums
Vitis – Inflammation

Perio- Around
Dontitis – Tooth

Depending on what you eat and how much sugar you consume plays a vital role of the teeth age. If your’re not fit in these rules then you cannot escape from these major infections like gingivitis ,tooth cavities and  gums recession.

When you have this condition severely then you must visit the dental professional immediately if you don’t want to lose your tooth. Analyze & rectify this problem at the starting point itself. Otherwise, it would lead to severe periodontal disease which is really bad.

What are the effects & symptoms?

You folks can easily identify the gingivitis with your bare eyes no need of some high tech microscope for this. Every problem starts really slowly, showing with mild symptoms & physical changes.

Likewise, the gingivitis also starts with symptoms like darker gums, bleeding while brushing, you can realize the pain of the gum line (that is your gingiva).

With the regular storage of bacteria at teeth surface which is caused by poor brushing habits. This bacteria develops & destroys the gum structure and also kill the healthy tissues.

Treat yourself & Save $

The gingivitis is treatable easily at earlier but on another hand, you can treat by yourelf because some of us’ are afraid of injection and medication for such people I suggest prevention is better than cure concept.

Why spending money on doctor for your treatment, do it with your own hands. Yes guys, it’s in your hand to maintain your teeth with the right amount of brushing, flossing twice a day regularly.

One of the simplest ways to avoid all the oral problems is to use the right electric toothbrush which not only cleans the teeth it should take care of all your oral related problems. So we have undergone deep research for you and listed out some best electric toothbrush for gingivitis and for periodontal disease guys. It worked really well for us hope it works for as well.

Grab one of the finest electric toothbrushes for gingivitis below

1.Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush, WP-900(Editors Choice)
waterpik complete care wp 900

Features and Functions
One device for all oral problems. This is the more effective compare to others and way more than better than all other toothbrushes. It has additional features for the top to bottom oral clean.

99.9% plaque removal is achieved through this Waterpik sonic toothbrush with the combination of the water flosser. This product definitely gives one fifty-nine percent on improving your gum health than others.

The professional sensonic plus electric toothbrush produces twenty-five faster bristles vibration for the best clean. It has a two-speed level setting you can optimize it according to your needs.

Like a traditional electric toothbrush, this Waterpik also has two minute brushing time and thirty seconds for the four quadrants of the teeth that are upper 2, lower 2 quadrants.

The Waterpik unit is consists of one water reservoir where you can store water before brushing and flossing teeth. the ninety seconds capacity of water saver unit passes water through floss jet that completely takes out the daily stain in the gumline superior clean in just a minute.

For your comfort, each and every single thing are designed very carefully by the Waterpik company. The tip of the water flosser can be rotated at 360 angles so that you can reach all deep spaces and the push button is designed in the handle for turn ON or OFF function fo the flosser which is very simple & wise.

You get different water flosser tools for various teeth usages. people who wear braces, crown, tooth implants, etc all of them can get good results. They various tips are

  • Pik pocket tip
  • two classic jet tips
  • Orthodontic tip
  • plaque seeker tip

(Pik pocket tip)
Gentle massage leads to good blood circulation and also cleans very deeply up & down on the gum line areas.

(two classic jet tips)
This is for general use, after every brushing floss with warm water for sensitive teeth. Oral professionals say this jet tip is more effective when compared to strings floss.

(orthodontic tip)
This method can be used for braces too, the tough tartar and plaque, stains around the braces can be removed three times quickly.

(plaque seeker tip)
This tip removes and promotes healthier gum on daily use. The plaque tip can reach very deeply to fight against the bacteria.


  • A pause button design allows you to stop and run according to your style while flossing your mouth.
  • Hard material travel case which non-breakable and lightweight to carry.
  • Extra space is provided in this Waterpik unit, you can keep the brushing& accessories which can be covered.
  • At the lower point of the Waterpik toothbrush, A deluxe gauge charging light indicator is fixed to notify the battery life.
  • Guaranteed results can be seen at minimal usage.

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2.Oral-B Gum and Sensitive Care Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, Powered by Braun
oral b gum and sensitive care

Features and Functions
The all-new oral b gum care electric toothbrush removes all the bacterias 100 percent gives you odor & plaque-free healthy mouth.

The handle of oral b gum&sensitive cares electric toothbrush the cool design that alerts you every thirty seconds while you brushing it means that you need to switch over the areas for a thorough clean of your teeth.

The Braun powered electric toothbrush is featured various unique brushing modes for a good result. The ultimate modes are
daily clean
gum care
The oral b is designed with dentists according to their experience and oral knowledge with the combination of these brushing modes you would achieve awesome results shortly.

Brush heads available for daily usage, deep clean, gum care, and massage your gum line areas with ease. the different brush heads are

(Cross action) – This is perfectly designed to fight the bacteria between the teeth line the angular design of the electric toothbrush head is at sixteen degree shaped bristles that can easily go deeper and removes tartar & fight against other germs.

(3d white) – When you brush with this brush head after every morning and night, you could see the difference of your teeth which is whiter (like a pearl) than your past, this cannot be achieved in a manual electric toothbrush.

(Floss action) – This is brush head is a perfect substitute for flosser while brushing with, the outstanding design of the bristles show its works, this entirely takes out the bottom plaque spots very helpful for gingivitis free.

(Ultrathin for sensitive) – These brush head works are based on prevention is better than cure concept. yes guys with the daily usage of this brush, it removes a hundred percent gum inflammation bacterias at the starting stage itself. Your gum areas are in safe hands now.

All the above brush heads require less space to store. It is also very easy to attach and detach fits very well to this oral b electric toothbrush.

The oral b mob app connects by Bluetooth which shows you a lot of information about your brushing. You can track monitor set goals and achieve them. personalize according to your needs. The oral app wishes you when it is open that brings a smile on the face.


  • Rich in design.
  • The big light design is made for pressure sensor which is stunning when it glows.
  • You get a travel case plus a charger that fits in your hand.
  • Like most of the electric toothbrushes, lithium-ion is used and it lasts for two weeks.
  • If you this toothbrush you’re protected from gingivitis and you get a strong enamel base.

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3.AquaSonic VIBE Series Ultra Whitening Pink Electric Toothbrush

aquasonic vibe series

Features and Functions
Four modern brushing modes are designed for completely clean and oral hygiene. They are

  • soft
  • clean
  • massage
  • whiten

Soft mode – This mode is for the folks who suffer tinglings when they drink too hot or cold. For the sensitiveness of the teeth, it acts a little bit softer to reduce the effects slowly.

Clean mode – Everybody can use this mode regularly it gives you entire mouth clean full swing in two minutes. Brushing in this qua sonic vibe series is ten times more effective than a manual toothbrush.

Massage mode – this mode is used for massaging the gum line with gentle care. You just select the mode, the small soft bristles activates its work and enhance your blood circulation on gum line which prevents you from gingivitis problems & tooth loss.

Whiten Mode – as per recommends use this whiten operation at last of every brushing session. It gives the final touch, aqua sonic inverted frequencies initiate the final cleaning operation for maintaining a sparkling smile.

Aqua sonic brings you a very smart& quick wireless charger which looks spectacular the charger starts immediately when you place in charging shell. you know something the power lasts up to a month on a complete charge. I think no company has given this much batter power for an electric toothbrush.

Unbelievable forty thousand vibrations per minute are produced by an advanced high tech sonic motor. When brushing becomes a habit with this aqua sonic vibe toothbrush you guys can remove tartar plaque and satins ten times more efficiently than other toothbrushes. Clean teeth in minutes of using this aqua sonic electric toothbrush.

A travel case is specially designed by a BPA plastic-free, this material is used for the production of this custom case inside the space is for one brush handle and two brush heads that fit precisely.


  • Saves a lot of money. Yes, the aqua sonic vibe series provides you eight Dupont brush heads which can be used 30 months.
  • A smooth and slim design like a model.
  • Advanced features at a cheaper price.
  • Lithium-ion used for very fast charging.
  • Certified ipx4 waterproof design.
  • Very portable & less weight.
  • Color options are available.

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4. Fairywill Electric Toothbrush Powerful Sonic Cleaning – ADA Accepted Toothbrush

fairywill electric toothbrush

Features and Functions
The fairy will 507 electric toothbrush is an upgraded expert in the electric toothbrush era. The performance of this electric toothbrush is more powerful, with the advanced program’s protocol.

The 40000 brushing strokes per minutes gives you a deep clean and the bristles constructions are made with a wave design which attached to your very well and removes all the teeth trash with more effective than any other electric toothbrush.

Thirty seconds time alert for every quadrant of your teeth. there is a pause tech between every thirty seconds is complete this indicates you to change the next quadrant section of your teeth this ensures the teeth are evenly brushed at the right amount of time.

American Dental Associate has also acknowledged and accepted this fairy will sonic toothbrush for the effectiveness in removing plaque & surface stains and also it completely protects the user from gum inflammation and periodontitis.

The very simple logic is used, which is easy to understand by all of us “when to change the brush head”. When the color Fades out of your brush head bristles you need to change the brush headset. usually, it takes time to a minimum of 3months based on your brushing style.

Five high performing modes for the best clean you can achieve with ease

  • polish
  • sensitive
  • massage
  • clean
  • white

The fairy will 507 electric toothbrush gives more than you expect. the certified Ipx7 waterproof tech is built in this electric toothbrush. you can rinse dip in water and also use this while you bath indoor or outdoor it is fully waterproof for your convenience.

On a single charge of complete Four hours that last a for a very long 30 days. You can this sonic toothbrush twice a day regularly with a two minute recommended brushing interval for a month.


  • Upgraded machine for overall mouth cleaning.
  • The product weighs only fifty-five gram extremely lightweight
  • Battery remainder when the power is low.
  • Very safe for daily usage.
  • Whenever the two-minute brushing operation is done the device automatically shuts off.
  • Produces less noise when Fairywill 507 electric toothbrush it’s in use.
  • Softwares & programs work well.
  • Auto shut off after complete charge, suitable to carry on travel.

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5.Philips Sonicare 3 Series gum health rechargeable electric toothbrush

philips sonicare 3 series gum care
Features and Functions
The Philips Sonicare 3 series HX6631 toothbrush has the sonic technology that gives you 31000 brush movements per minute. This power is more enough to remove all your oral germs&bacteria.

Soft brush head bristles touch gently on gum, which increases your gum blood circulation and makes the gumline one hundred percent stronger than ever need not worry about gingivitis problems.

Easy-grip hand design is very much useful while brushing, you can handle with ease, turn the brush as you like no slippery can be seen very comfortable using.

Like other electric toothbrushes, this one also has two simplified timers for a perfect clean. That ensures an equal amount of time is spent on all places while you brush.

This electric toothbrush has an outstanding cup-shaped brush head design, that has a fine grip to your teeth and easily eliminates tough tartar. Giving a nice massage-like feeling on the gingiva while brushing.

Brushing in this Philips Sonicare three series gum care removing plaque six times more effective. On the gum areas, it performs easier than other manual toothbrushes.

In the handle of Sonicare 3 series gum toothbrush, two types of color battery light indicator designs are built for the user to know when to charge the electric toothbrush. This flashes in two types of colors.


  • Twenty-one days extended battery power.
  • Blue color bristles remainder, when to change.
  • Thirty-second-time duration for all four quadrants of teeth.
  • Timer notification.
  • Three-level intensity settings are available.
  • Snap-on design for easy changing brush heads.

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Thanks for reading the article and I am sure you got some useful information about the gum and periodontitis problems and thanks for choosing your electric toothbrush already, I know we made it easy for you to select the right electric toothbrush.

I and my team work really hard to give you the best information regarding all the oral problems facing today. Try one of the gingivitis electric toothbrushes from the above list which performs best and it is essential to prevent oral disease.

Better brush twice a day without any excuses that take only two-minute guys. Pretend this as exercise guys, it’s your duty to protect the teeth & oral hygiene nobody does it for you.