Philips Sonicare protectiveclean 4100 Review | All You Need to Know


Philips Sonicare protectiveclean 4100 is one of my favorite models I’ve ever used. After two weeks of brushing in this electric toothbrush, I got some shocking results, which is unbelievable and this electric toothbrush is a budget-friendly.

Writing a philips sonicare protectiveclean 4100 review for you guys to know more information deeply about this product, the features and performances are nothing less than a high tech electric toothbrushes available in the market.

Let’s see in detail abouth the Philips Sonicare protective clean 4100 electric toothbrush step by step.

Key-Features Overview

  • Quad pacer and Smart timers
  • Powerful sonic tech 31000 brush strokes pm
  • Extended battery life
  • Two-minute brushing skills
  • Brush syn technology
  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Protective cap for the brush head
  • Inbuilt pressure sensor
  • Battery indicator light

Unique Feature

Brush head remainder

Safe For All

philips sonicare protective clean 4100

Everyone are considered about safety and suitability you can count on this philips sonicare, on both of these ascpects blindly. First of all this product is made up high quality sturdy material with a world wide standard electronic chip, battery and stuff. It is fully functional & reliable for use.

You can use this for all teeth condition yes, this philips sonicare protectiveclean 4100 toothbrush with a sonic technology clears out all the bacteria and dirt from teeth. For a normal user as well as the user who wears braces and with other problems in teeth like having braces, crowns, filling, and veeners. Do not worry, in this sonicare 4100 you guys can adjust speed according to the needs.

Function like gentle massage & speed these three can be used for best results.


30 SEC-Quad Pacer & Two-Minute Timer

sonicare 4100 quadpacer timer

Even some of you don’t realize the importance of brushing two times every day and you dont know how much duration should spend on brushing, the answer is two minutes. The American Dental Association professional doctors insist to follow this time for a complete oral care.

However many of us aren’t able to follow this time while brushing, exactly! who has time for all those kinds of stuff? we all are busy with our daily duties.

For such busy people, the Philips Sonicare 4100 has inbuilt with some of the very useful features that we no need to care of the time the electric toothbrush would do that for us. Sounds intelligent right! yes, this Sonicare protective clean 4100 toothbrush has two types of timers quad pacer and a two-minute timer.

The quad pacer timer is for each quadrant of our teeth section. (i.e) our teeth are bisected into upper two sections and the lower two section.

What this timer sensor does?, it alerts you when you brushing each side of the quadrants( ensures you that you’ve spent the complete thirty seconds on each section each quadrant) and tells to move to the next one.

By following this method you can get the perfect clean with the proper time, which is recommended by professionals.

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Seven Times More Plaque Removed

The genuine sonice technology delievers a deep clean that your entire mouth needs. The high performing of 31k brush strokes per minute do the magic in cleaning. People who have trouble in cleaning you can just use this sonicare 4100 one time they would be fell in love with this electric toothbrush. The results are quiet impressive, you can notice the differnce in just a few days of regular usage.

This powerful sonic electric toothbrush is capable of removing seven time more plaque and hard stains of your teeth, which no manual toothbrush can do it in few days. One of the main reason for this is, the amazing densely packed structure is built in the brush head bristles sweeps out the bacteria fully in the form anti fighting agent against plaque and strong tartar.

The soft bristles and curved tip of the brush head is attached to the structure of the teeth. This mainly gives out gentle massgae all over the gum line while the brushing, that initially pumps out the blood cirulation in a very good ratio and makes your gingiva stronger than ever.

Pressure Sensors Alert

pressure sensor alert

Sonicare 4100 power toothbrush will do all the work for you until you let this beauty to do, many of you don’t feel the difference between the manual and electric toothbrush.

Some of them are still brushing in manual toothbrush style in the electric toothbrush which is is entirely wrong, you need to learn.

For this kind of activity, this philips had developed a feature known as a pressure sensor. How does it work? it’s very simple and efficient by the way. When you put too much pressure in the teeth & gumline, a pulsing sound generates alerts that indicate you to stop the pressure against the teeth.

Sonicare 4100 would bring complete clean to your teeth efficiently in a gentle manner you don’t waste energy as you do in the manual brush.

Travel & Battery

Though it is an electric toothbrush it doesn’t mean you need to carry the charger all the time with you.

The electric toothbrush is built up with a long lasting lithium-ion battery that works for two weeks on one complete charge.

So if you guys planned for any vacation then you can take out this beauty anywhere you travel without the charger kit.

Brush Head Remainder

sonicare 4100 brush remainder alert

This is my favorite tech in this Philips Sonicare 4100. You can identify this symbol at the lower end of the toothbrush handle. It is portrayed as a picture of a brush head symbol with a light at the top of it.

So what is the real reason for implementing this future?
Most of the user doesn’t recognises or changes the electric toothbrush head on proper time (i.e) every three months. Many say my toothbrush head looks good so why do I need to change? no, you’re wrong guys.

The first reason if the toothbrush head looks good for 3 months, It means, you didn’t brush your teeth regularly with the appropriate time.

The second reason, how you know? that your brush head is in good health? no, you don’t, you are not a dental expert.

The Philips Sonicare protective clean 4100 solves all these issues with one smart solution. It tells you to change the brush head when you need and when not. The indicator pops up with the light above the brush head symbol at the toothbrush handle. This tells you to change the brush head instantly and the old one stands no longer. See the feature is simple yet very effective.

Different Levels of Battery Indicators

As i said earlier the battery power is long you can once charge and brush through out the fourtenn days nonstop. Lets see what the batery indicator do for us.

The lithium ion battery works on 100-240 voltage ac. The light is simple in style and yet it proves us the size doesn’t matter what service it provides it matters, which pops out the green color light while charging.

You can see the charging light to confirms weather it is fully charged or not. Assume how much time it takes to fully loaded. Three stages of differnet light flashes indication.

A permanent solid green light flashes means full battery achieved. The second one is the flashing light that is the light, keeps on poppin for a while means a medium battery health you need to wait for full charge. The last but not least a low battery alerts is differently from the above two methods.

With a three beep sound with a flashing confirm the electric toothbrush is in low battery and if it continues beeps sound for five times you cant brush until you charge.

Here is the good thing about philips sonicare 4100, once you place the toothbrush handle in the charger platform it produces two time beep noise to confirm that the device is placed correctly “no problem in charging” and when the charging is complete it automatically shut off the device with steady flashing green light for some time.

Brush Sync Tech

There are different variety brush head (sold separetley) are designed for this philips sonicare 4100 each one is used for various purpose. But unfortunately, it comes with one single plaque control brush head.

Every brush head is attached a micro chip for analyzing the brushing usage periods & techniques and also how hard the pressure is been put by the user, these are all calculated and considered for the brush change.

My Real-Life Brushing Experience and Results

I would like to share the results and wonderful eperience i have seen through this philips sonicare protectiveclean 4100 review, after the usage of philips sonicare protective clean 4100. The reuslts are quite impressive for me I just want to check how it works for other person who has some other problems with teeth.  So we have decided to test this toothbrush to one of my team member who has yellow’ ish teeth.

The first three days we could analyze the color changes in his teeth and at the end of the ten days brushing session, almost 60-75 % of the color disappered. we didnt beleive him, thought he might be using some teeth whitening stuff but he is not.

The timers helps him to change the teeth areas while brushing at appropriate time intervals and the pressure senors allows him to handle gently.

Thanks to the unique bristles they are designed in a way that removes the all trashes of the mouth. He says I would love to brush anywhere, anytime with this. Seeing all this positive results he bought another set of philips sonicare protective clean 4100 for his mom and sister(she wears braces).

This is a small the success story of the sonicare 4100 guys, when a product gives you a genuine results which you can see with your own eyes then you would refers or buy to the person whom also suffers with the same issue. This had happen already to one of the team member and he becomes like a mini philips sonicare toothbrush marketing person. Lol !

You know something ! That guy advicing everybody to brush twice with this sonicare 4100 electric toothbrush, sharing his brushing expereience and the importance of oral hygiene. Enormous results can be heard or read but you could only believe what results you get? when you have gone through with that. My team mate got all the answers to the person who ask questions & suggestion about buying a new electric toothbrush.


  • It stands alone firmly no need supporting case.
  • Even though it a single cleaning it gives better results
  • Brush sync remainder.
  • Nice grip desing at the electric toothbrush handle.
  • Comfortable design of the electric toothbrush, not too big. very handy.
  • Automatic power off after cleaning.
  • Low price


  • No travel case included.
  • No addition brush heads. Toothbrush heads are little bit pricey when buying seperately.
  • No visible pressure ring light design.

Final Thoughts

Once agin thanks for your spending your precious time on reading this article. I hope it would have given you the better information and ideas about buying this sonicare 4100. Let me tell you something folks, there is no such perfect brand or product in this world, even a high end electric toothbrush has some serious faults & drawbacks.

So just give a shot if you think this toothbrush suits you and your budget. Don’t be a thinker be a doer. From my side this toothbrush works perfect and cleans out teeth well, seen the results in my real life.