Best Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush | Our Top Picks for 2020

A lot of electric toothbrush brands are out there on the market. But everything you see is not the best one and you cannot convince yourself that it is good for your oral health.

One of the most trusted brands worldwide and doctors recommended brand is Philips Sonicare the name itself enough, you can trust the product blindly.

There is a wide range of electric toothbrushes launched by this company but we have chosen some of the topmost performings and giving the best result for the consumers.

Such kind of toothbrushes are always meant to be the best Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush, we picked this list on a different basis for various usage purpose of the customers. let’s quickly see what are the list.

Our top rated best philips sonicare electric toothbrushes

1.Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9700 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

philips sonicare diamondclean 9700

Philips Sonicare Diamondclean 9700 electric toothbrush does an amazing job for your teeth just in two weeks. A power-packed and a lot of feature-oriented electric toothbrush you would ever have.
Suitable to use daily on a regular brush you can experience a super clean the entire mouth and take perfect care of your oral health. Ever since the launch of a Diamondclean 9700, it was a very successful product.

It is a substitute for a dental doctor, teaches you a lot of stuff regarding your oral health. The Diamondclean tracks you and guides you, give a suggestion, point out your mistakes done by you when brushing this is all done by a smart Philips Sonicare Diamondclean 9700. This isn’t a fancy electric toothbrush, its a real deal and I love it.

Features and Functions

There are different types of intelligent sensors are developed and designed for the best results of your teeth. It plays a very important role when brushing and making you brush in the right way. The ultimate sensors are

  • Pressure sensors
  • Location sensors
  • Scrubbing Sensor

(Pressure Sensors)

For the new bees who never an electric brush in their entire life its very common mistake that you could do is “you brush your teeth giving full force as you do in the manual brush. Don’t even realize you’re brushing in an electric toothbrush at that point of time the pressure sensors engages with light and force you to stop giving pressure to the teeth let the work done by it.

(Location Sensors)

This sensor is used to inform you of the right where to brush where not. it results in avoiding the same keep on brushing and saves a lot of time and better results quickly.

(Scrubbing Sensor)

This is another smarter tech I love, what it does is you don’t need to scrub the brush on your teeth like a manual toothbrush, of course, it’s not. You should move the Sonicare toothbrush as it does its work perfectly.

(The Cleaning Modes)

Different modes are available for different usage like stain removal gum care teeth whitening tongue clean etc. unlike other electric toothbrushes it takes less duration removes your stains perfectly in just 72 hours and gum problems will be sorted within in fourteen days. This all is possible due to the smart automatic recognition brush heads.

(Reminding & Coaching)

The diamond clean got a unique feature that is ” if you got a problem in the teeth you can add that particular spot and information. So that the Sonicare app reminds you of additional care when you brush that affected spot, nothing less than a dental doctor.

All sensors alert can be seen throughout the Philips Sonicare app which is functional through the Bluetooth connection. and also the spectacular ring light is built at the bottom of the diamond clean 9700. Tracking and learning are now easy.

(Battery Power)

A non-stop brushing performance can be done up to 14 long days on a single charge.


  • You get a luxury designed travel case with a portable USB cable underneath.
  • The handy glass is to place your electric toothbrush when charging
  • You get a different variety of brush headset for a different purpose.

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2.Philips Sonicare HX5611/01 Essence Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

philips sonicare essence

Features and Functions

Philips Sonicare Essence electric toothbrush performs good brushing and gentile motion which protects and takes well care of gum line good blow means healthy gum and teeth.

The latest sonic fluid technology pulsates between every corner of the teeth and the soft bristles can reach the unreachable surfaces, it removes plaques&stains this is two times more effectively done in Philips Sonicare essence when compared to a normal toothbrush.

The Philips Sonicare essence operates by sonic technology it produces unimaginable thirty-one thousand strokes which gradually cleans and the sweep motion drives the fluid in all deep spots wipes out all the dirt while the brushing.

The smart timer notification tech gives you a perfect two-minute complete brushing as per dental doctor’s advice. Each quadrant of the teeth needs two minutes brushing this smart timer makes sure that work.

The brush head is designed for grip while brushing with the angled neck contour heads. Very soft rounded brush design that fits human teeth perfectly that counterattacks the germs &stains and ensures a very deep clean. It would also reduce gingivitis on regular usage.

The blue color touch handy grip is attached to the side of Sonicare toothbrush which gives you the extra grip while holding the electric toothbrush so easy to move around all sides of the mouth and better satisfaction after brushing.

Battery life indicator displace is equipped with this essence electric toothbrush, the indicator notifies by blinking lights so that you get to know when its to be charged and also show charging point levels on the indicators.

Cool looking travel case comes with the Philips Sonicare essence toothbrush it is very portable and hygienic easy to carry that fits even in small places.

You can use this Sonicare essence toothbrush for all dental conditions like braces, sensitive, implants and artificial teeth.


  • Attractive features for an affordable price.
  • Philips Sonicare essence toothbrush is very sturdy and durable.
  • After every time I finished brushing the teeth looks very polished.
  • Great customer service.
  • You would love the two-minute auto shut off mode.
  • Single electric toothbrush for all family members.

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3.Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

philips sonicare protective clean

Features and Functions

Get one hundred percent to improve gum health by brushing with the Philips Sonicare protective clean 5100 rechargeable electric toothbrush

The latest improved sonic technology has very intensity of producing 31 thousand brushing strokes per minute which creates strong vibration to the electric toothbrush handle this leads to instant removal of plaque & stains very quickly.

(The timers)

Everyone wants to spend the time something useful, according to that there are some helpful timers available in this Sonicare 5100.

The two-minute quad pacer timer ensures that we spent the correct amount of duration for brushing each quadrant of the teeth. once you finished brushing a quadrant, the timer alerts you to move to the next one.

In this way, you guys could achieve good results in a very short span.

(Knows what is better)

Automatic adjustments happen in this Sonicare toothbrush, yes whenever you select a brush head, according to your selection it quickly chooses the optimal modes and intensity levels that are required for the brush head, I would say this is very impressive.

(A good noise)

Some of the new bees are not adopted to electric toothbrush usage what they do is they put pressure on the teeth while brushing this cause the brush head bristles to spread up down and touches the gum area that surely crates problem.

This is not a good sign for your oral health, for that kind of using a sensor feature is designed in this toothbrush what that does is, a pulsing sound is produced immediately whenever you give pressure against your teeth at that point of time you should stop and let the toothbrush do the work.

(The remainders)

The Philips toothbrush 5100 wants us to use the right brush head which plays a vital role in brushing, cleaning removing plaque & stains this could be only achieved if the brush head is in perfect condition.

But most of us fail to notice that in our busy lives, but not to worry the Sonicare 5100 is a bit smart and that itself has a brush head remainder symbol is displayed in the lower handle. This tells us about the expiry and the change of new brush head with the beeping light.

(Hygienic case)

Easily carry your Philips Sonicare toothbrush with the smart portable travel case, which is completely eco friendly and a travel charger also comes with this.


  • Improved safety elements
  • Clean design and easy to use, in the electric toothbrush handle we can monitor all our brushing operations.
  • Advanced feature techniques.
  • Multiple modes.
  • Rugged material and strong durable toothbrush handle.
  • Long-range of battery power.
  • Suitable to use for all kinds of teeth oriented problems.

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4.Philips Sonicare for Kids HX6321/02 Electric Toothbrush


philips sonicare for kids

Features and Functions
The first-ever electric toothbrush comes wireless Bluetooth technology for kids and 91 percent of dental professionals recommended this electric toothbrush for kids.

The brush is designed according to kid’s teeth, for a better cleaning the sonic tech produces five hundred brush strokes per second.

With the help of the sonic technology brushing technique, your kid’s teeth can get 75 percent more effective cleaning to compare to other toothbrushes.

Kid’s two-minute brushing timer is programmed in electric toothbrush so the parent need not worry about your kid’s brushing timing.

According to the American Dental Association, every quadrant of the teeth needs to be brushed evenly, so the kidpacer feature alerts the while brushing to change the quadrant for superior & full clean.

After every brushing, the kids are rewarded for their achievements,
can unlock new levels and points this is like encouraging the kids and this makes them more involved in daily brushing. Besides, there is a separate app for parents to monitor the kid’s brushing work.

Colorful eight interchangeable cool animated stickers come with this kid’s electric toothbrush, kids can design the toothbrush on their animated sticker.

The brushing coach system in the app is very useful for kids to brush. It shows the bacteria in an animated concept the kids have to follow by the action.


  • It comes with different color options.
  • Kids love to this product & learns quickly to brush alone regularly.
  • Easy interactive and understanding mobile apps.
  • Ninety-eight percent of the parent love this electric toothbrush and believes this is a good choice for the kids.

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5.Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7500  Electric Toothbrush 


philips sonicare expertclean 7500

Features and Functions

The Philips Sonicare 7500 is doing an expert clean every day with a gentle movement that covers all your mouth.

(Two Types of Brush Heads)

  • C3 for Plaque Controller
  • G3 for Gum Care

1.C3 for Plaque Controller

The superior c3 plaque brush head has very soft bristles, this design leads the brush to become four times better on reaching the surface of the hard spots comparing to other toothbrush and removes ten times more plaque quickly.

2.G3 for Gum Care

The high-end design fo g3 head brush is made for improving your gum health. This brush head is small in shape but its work is huge. The gum line focused bristles design can clean and protects from gum diseases and you would achieve less gum inflammation and strong gum in just 14 days.

(Different Modes and Intensities are available for your ideal clean)

  • Clean
  • Deep Clean Plus
  • White Plus
  • Gum Health

(Remainder for Brush Head Change)

A brush head needs to be changed if it is used over the limit and you might not know when to change. no need to worry about it the brush sync tracking features a design in the handle of the electric toothbrush it analyzes the usage and how hard you were using on this basis a quick beep sounds up in the handle reminds to change the brush head.

(Daily Reports)

The Sonicare app gives you proper tips and guidance to maintain oral health. Every time you brush the results are provided lively by the app.

(Sonic Technology)

Unbelievable 31000 brush strokes per minute which are crazy. A sweeping motion develops small tiny bubbles to reach the deep areas and gaps.


  • A pressure sensor is equipped with this Sonicare with a pulsing sound this tells you to stop forcing and let your toothbrush do the work.
  • Good battery power single charge even on regular usage it lasts long.
  • Very comfort charging can be done by the (on the go) travel case.
  • Brush head recognition program will automatically connect the cleaning modes and intensity for you, worth money.

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Things to consider before buying the best Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

What other’s say

Many of us not aware of the product very deeply so I suggest you listen to the users, who already used the products and what they are saying it is quite important to know, it gives you a better idea about Philips Sonicare toothbrush.

I would not recommend this idea fully because a lot of the time false information spread over the internet without using the product. a review should be given by a person only he/she should’ve used the product.

So ly I am saying this would only help like 3 out of 10. You shouldn’t believe what you all-seeing and hearing unless you use it personally.

Feature Aspects

Always check out what the product is offering to satisfy it should save your time as well. I would suggest choosing an electric toothbrush which has a lot of features because the results would be quite impressive at short usage I personally had that experienced in the Philips Sonicare diamond clean electric toothbrush. the hight features you go the benefits also would be very high.
brushing modes

Always Buy Original One

This is very important aspect some people think of investing in duplicate electric toothbrush available in the product what could make the difference, maybe it looks the same and so shiny design with premium color but excepts one thing its performance duration of the toothbrush doesn’t long even for a month believe me.

One of my team members had this horrible experience. He barely used it for a single week only, after that incident he realizes the importance and worth of buying genuine toothbrushes.

The certified materials were used in building the first quality electric toothbrushes products and most of them are eco friendly the some of the components are hygienic as well.

These modern days the design of the electric toothbrushes smart and compact. the company provides you some cool gadgets to carry over the toothbrush while you travel.

Some times if anything goes wrong with the electric toothbrush, the genuine branded company only does the replacement services and provides the best customer support whenever you wish to contact them they are available to clarify your queries.


Here comes the important matter to deal with ” the price tag” every electric toothbrush isn’t the same. each one has its own features, programs, functions, and benefits. so, according to the price is fixed by its manufacturers. the price can be classified into three types

  • low range
  • mid-range
  • luxury

The lower product you choose the less benefit you receive. whereas the mid one may compromise but only the luxury one can completely satisfy your expectations without any doubts.

You can show off and this would be definitely a one-time investment that lasts long several years in that scenario it saves you a lot of dollars.

Some of the toothbrush brands offer double items on a single price and some free accessories too. This is all additional benefits for the customers

Less Noise

It doesn’t sound an important factor to you but you’re wrong. It is really really important to choose electric toothbrushes which makes less noise.

The creepy sound of the low range products makes you very disturb and irritate. This leads to leads to a lack of interest in daily brushing in electric toothbrushes this could be a waste of money.

Multiple Usage

An electric toothbrush should be multi-tasking. everybody loves a product that is unique, smart and do multiple works at the same time. For example, a family electric toothbrush can act like kids, adults, teen electric toothbrushes. a single toothbrush for multi-usage.


I hope the above information gives you clarity and some useful factors about the Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush and its advantages. I think this article would surely help you to purchase the right model. You guys can choose any one of them from our list if you find that deserves you.

The Philips Sonicare offers a wide range of models but we picked only a few because we know what is best for our users that would bring beautiful & healthy smile.

Above all, it’s very difficult to choose Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush model that meets all your needs. Don’t be a hurry in purchasing, take your own time and choose that is good for you and your family.