Best Oral B Electric Toothbrush 2020 | Our Buying Guide

In this article, we are going to see the best products of the world’s most leading electric toothbrush company the Oral b. According to some trusted sources if you don’t brush your teeth properly many oral diseases may arise and especially gum disease occurs in the mouth and this leads to some serious infections & even it can take you to the very worst part of your life.

The problem here is we brush our teeth every day with the wrong toothbrush for the entire life and nobody wants to lose their tooth. Everybody wants a healthy and beautiful smile but this is not gonna be achieved unless you use the right electric toothbrush to prevent and maintain your oral health.

Now you’re in the right place to choose the right electric toothbrush for you. We found some of the top best oral b electric toothbrushes you can buy this accordingly.

All of us have our own choices and favorite brand we all are emotionally connected to that particular name and when we grow the trust also grew up gradually.

What we did for the die-hard fans of oral b electric toothbrush, we picked you the best oral b electric toothbrush and gotta list for you. Choose it as per your need folks. Some of the oral b variants are considered to be in the top list that everybody should get to know it.

In all aspects, the oral b electric toothbrush is considered to be safe by the American dental association and this is one of the highest-selling brands in the universe. Giving its best and competing for many other brands on the market and won millions of users for its usage and its results.

With that being said, let’s directly get into the list

1.Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electronic Power Rechargeable Battery Electric Toothbrush 

oral b genius pro 8000

Features And Functions

Healthier gums and teeth from day one with the all-new oral b genius pro 8000.

It has six different cleaning modes for your daily usage, you can choose according to your daily needs this option helps out for best cleaning experience for you and the entire family.

Thanks to the automated sensor technology for letting you know if you brush hardly, realizes the pressure and the magic light engages so that it reduces the pressure against your teeth.

The position detection feature is one everybody likes because it shows off the missed spots where you need to brush properly and it all can see through the oral b app. If that area is brushed perfectly, it shows you to go for the next portion likewise you can brush your teeth, very smart and helpful.

Oral b genius pro 8000 is coming with different brush heads, you choose as per your like. My personal choice is the round brush head, because it does an amazing cleaning work, rotates in every direction covers all the areas that ensure no stains and plaque-free teeth.
It cleans the gingivitis and plaque areas at ease. Cleaning out the lower part of teeth deeply including the gum line without damaging.

Build with a lithium-ion battery for the long run. On a single charge, you can brush up to fourteen clean days.


  • Bluetooth connectivity to detects live results of the after brushing teeth.
  • You get a luxury travel case along with this toothbrush.
  • Long run lithium-ion battery.
  • The battery indicator shows you when you need the recharge the electric toothbrush.
  • Age-restricted for child usage is three-plus.


Everyone cannot compromise on the price oral b genius pro 8000 but if you look in-depth key features, performance and the results obtained by many consumers it would definitely make you reconsider.

Buy oral b genius now   


2. Oral-B Kids Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush Featuring Disney’s Frozen

oral b kids

Features And Functions

The oral b kid’s electric toothbrush has a waterproof handle technology designed so there is no doubt even when the kids use the pro-health junior toothbrush with the wet hands it works amazing and completely safe.

Kids don’t brush their teeth properly but when you use this electric toothbrush the kids can handle it very easily, oral health is maintained with full clean and complete oral care.

No compromising on oral problems. Outstanding design for this oral b health junior electric toothbrush is created in a way to work on every individual tooth, So the plaque removing every single tooth is for sure.

Disney magic timer comes with an oral b pro health junior. Every kid loves this app and images it shows. Some kids are stubborn to brush every day you can show this app to the kids they immediately fell in love with brushing.


  • Replacement toothbrush heads.
  • Gentle brushing design for complete clean.
  • Two-minute brushing skill.
  • Brushing is more fun you can download different Disney characters for your kids.
  • The oral b app rewards the kids for brushing and can able to track the brushing journey with the calendar.


Some of the kids find difficulty in handling and brushing their teeth at the starting stage. So the parents need to be with them to teach, later you let them brush themselves it builds self-confidence.

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3.Oral-B Pro 5000 Smart series Electric Toothbrush With Bluetooth Connectivity, Black Edition


Oral b pro 5000 electric toothbrush

Features And Functions

The oral b 5000 smart series electric toothbrush is built with Bluetooth connectivity you can connect your toothbrush through with the smartphone.

Forget the old brushing style by watching your bathroom mirror. Thanks to the oral b app and enjoy your brushing time. Yes, you can watch the latest news weather report for the current day and some dental oriented tips & solutions to prevent gum related problems.

The timer pulses feature always alerts you every 30 seconds to move to the area in the mouth where you haven’t brushed your teeth properly. I think this is a great tech, for the people who don’t have got the knowledge in proper brushing, this would be very useful for them in oral health.

The oral b app done multi-tasking featured app showing you the personal brushing style over the days for six months and save it for your reference. So, that you could understand what mistake you were doing while brushing your teeth, and you can correct it.


  • Five brushing modes.
  • Completely removes plaque.
  • Two minutes pressure sensor is available.
  • Removable battery system and longtime battery life.
  • Built with round brush technology for superior clean teeth and gum.


A single user can use the app not multiple users.
If you’re a new user it takes time to adapt to the electric toothbrush.

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4.Oral-B 7500 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Replacement Brush Heads and Travel Case

Oral b 7500 electric toothbrush

Features And Functions

Oral B 7500 is launched with unlimited features to remove 100 percent plaque. The 3d circular cleaning movement of the brushing technique gives you a deep clean with complete gum care. Allows this electric toothbrush to completely remove tartar.

Five modes of brushing technique are applicable in the oral b 7500 electric toothbrush so you can brush like a pro.

Each mode is made for different cleaning use of the teeth. Each and everyone teeth aren’t the same, So you can use the modes according to your oral needs. Every one of them may have different problems like plaque, gingivitis, and stains. Use it which modes suit you.

As the oral b brand is focusing on every single small feature to give the best brushing experience. In this oral b 7500 power rechargeable toothbrush, the high standard lithium-ion battery is equipped for long time usage, lasts up to two weeks long plus with the batter display indicator in the electric toothbrush is more than you expect.


  • It comes awesome looking travel case.
  • Different brushing programs are available for regular brushing, gum care, pro brushing, sensitive teeth, complete tooth whitening.
  • Super cool colors smart ring are made for the alert when the brushing goes harder it automatically pops the light and reduces the pressure changes in color light.
  • Brush heads can be changed.
  • Clean and white results can be achieved on regular usage.


  • Needs cleaning daily.
  • Some might find it a bit heavy.

Buy oral b 7500 now   


5.Oral-B 9600 Electric Toothbrush

Oral b 9600

Features And Functions

Three brush heads offered for this oral b genius 9600 for three different purposes they are gum care, cross-action, 3D white. The bristles are made up of a very soft thin layer that can go deep into the gum area to remove plaque and gingivitis very effectively, in results you get stronger gum.

The integrated timer technology is designed in this oral b genius 9600 to accomplish the user goals on brushing on each quadrant in a timely manner, without bothering gums it makes sure to maintain the two-minute timer for perfect cleaning.

The 360 complete led light setup blinks every time you brush (its an alert stuff) due to the force given by you. It does its amazing work while every function initializes, it pops up with spectacular twelve colors which is amazing while brushing, even kids like this electric toothbrush this is one of the cool aspects.

A beast like highly performing lithium-ion battery is built with this Braun powered electric toothbrush once you charge this oral b genius 9600 completely it can last long up to fourteen days depends upon the usage.

Oral b mobile application technology its like dream come true, yes this oral b has an app you can connect it via Bluetooth, this is very useful to know what you did with the teeth while brushing. Shows you the complete brushing history, it analyzes the entire time when you brush, shows you complete clear crystal chart what you did, what you could do better and also the mistakes you’ve done.


  • Smarter electric toothbrush for better cleaning.
  • Thorough cleaning experience.
  • Smart six cleaning multiple inbuilt programs you can use it according to your needs.
  • Oral b genius 9600 is available four fancy colors choose according to your taste.
  • Premium travel is available you can charge both your toothbrush and mobile together at the same time.


Some of you feel a little bit annoying when the noise produced while brushing it was a bit louder.

Buy oral b 9600 now   


6.Oral-B GENIUS X 10000 Electric Toothbrush With 3 Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads 

Oral b genius x 10000

Features And Functions

The oral b genius x 10000 electric toothbrush is a milestone in the electric toothbrush world. The genius x has begun its new era with artificial intelligence, it is a more advanced machine than you think. There are a lot of super cool features are programmed in this toothbrush.

Unlike other electric toothbrushes, the oral b genius x has its own trademark feature called brushing behavior understanding your brushing style in a while and lets you know the mistakes and suggesting you the better brushing solution regularly. It is done by the oral b mobile application, send all the day to day reports in that. It tells details about your brushing so that you could overcome the mistakes of your past and perform the correct way of brushing.

Motion sensor technology is inbuilt with this electric toothbrush allows you to continuously monitor the area where you brushing and the area where you missed out. It is helpful for children and adults who don’t brush properly helps them focus on the area where they need to.

This oral b toothbrush operates by built-in timer technology so that every amount of time you spend to brush is calculated equally and tells you to move to the next area to move on.

Premium traveling case comes with this genius x 10000 toothbrush it is very useful you no need to search place to park this genius, the travel case perfectly fits everywhere and you can take this wherever you want. You can charge your phone and electric toothbrush even while cruising, once the charge is done it stands out for a busy two weeks you can rock with it.


  • It is easy to move around the mouth, cleaning is really good & far better than the previous version.
  • The design of the genius x is absolutely premium in class made up of solid material, you get a better grip as well while holding it.
  • Less sound is very pleasant to hear.
  • Six functional modes are available for different purpose of the teeth.


Not cheap, I know but won’t feel it while brushing with this. Yes if you are tech and innovation addict the machine saves time & money for the next few years this genius x is worth buying it. It does an amazing clean you can maintain high standard oral health.

Buy oral b genius X now   


The oral b electric toothbrush is known for its super quality, & cleaning in a world standard electric toothbrush everybody knows for sure. The company frequently updating its design and features.

Inventing new products for better oral health and wellness around the globe. The above electric toothbrush models are some of the best oral b products we tested its durability personally and used it for the cleaning. Finally, we got the result what we are looking for so we listed out some of the oral b product which we think is good for our reader to use it and should get the same benefits what we experienced over the past few weeks.

I and my team worked really hard to give the best information about the products which suits for various oral needs and different brushing style some of the above electric toothbrushes potentially helps the user to brush like dentist advised. You can try any one of these with no doubts, it absolutely deserves your money.