Electric Toothbrush Brands

What is a Brand?

A brand is an identity of a product in which we identify by the logo or by its name for example a person is known by his/her name or the by the face.

It is earned by the respective company throughout the years by the trust of the consumer. Some of the brands focused only on one particular product but other companies manufacturers more than a single product depend upon what they are capable of and revenue as well.

A brand is all about the company and the products that the customer feels about it and the goods of a particular company. people would forgive if a big brand makes mistake but it doesn\t workout for a new brand in the market.

Benefits Of Using A Brand

  • You get a genuine product, not the second quality one.
  • Good customer support (ie) 24/7 available for top brand products
  • Value for your feeling and opinions, in case, if you don’t like the product you can replace with a limited period.
  • You can show off to the people who are using local products. it makes you feel awesome separate you from the crowd.

Teeth are a priceless gift for mankind to maintain that, we need to take good care. As per the dentist’s suggestion, a good toothbrush can only make that possible.

A local toothbrush can not clean much as you expect, and also it affects your gum line due to its low-quality hard bristles this leads to visit your dental doctor. So only,  dentist strongly recommends to choose the best electric toothbrush brands available on the market.

Top Electric Toothbrush Brands

1.Oral b
2.Foreo Issa 2
3.Philips Sonicare

1.Oral b – Recommended

oral b cross action

The world’s leading one of the best oral care experts involved in this business for more than five decades. The oral-b brand manufactures various and products for different purposes, it produces stuff like high-end electric toothbrush toothpaste and mouthwashes which are used and trusted by millions of users.

Oral b is the first-ever electric toothbrush got granted by the ADA(American Dental Association) proud to be an oral b user. This is the doctor’s favorite brand and also dental expert’s number one recommended brand.


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2.Foreo Issa 2

foreo issa 2 toothbrush

Foreo is a Sweden based oral and skincare company with the group of young talented people passionate about their technology joined their hand and put hands together and risk into this business maybe they were new but they proved us they’re lesser than any other legendary brands and the FOREO Issa 2 company committed to giving you the best electric toothbrush which longs 365 days on a single charge.

This company not only produces electric toothbrushes also designed the world standard face mask, cream, and other beauty products that are very successful.

Due to hard work and smart engineering in the toothbrush design the company is very successful at themselves in just six years with great achievement.

They’ve almost shipped twenty million products to every single part of the world.


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3. Philips Sonicare

philips sonicare toothbrush

The Philips company is not lesser than oral b in any terms. they manufacture different types of products. They believe innovation that could connect the people and makes life easier and healthier.

Not only in oral care products Philips is one of the largest company which is very popular in different industries, such as medical, oral care, electric gadgets, homecare, and other prevention equipment, that monitors your health which is better than cure.

Sonicare technology is implemented in Philips Sonicare toothbrush its all about high frequency. how fast the brush is moving, the more speed the better brushing technology.

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burst electric toothbrush

The burst electric toothbrush company started by young talented dentistry. His thinking and ideas are different from other electric toothbrush company. He always wanted to be best in the oral care industry, he believes regular update in product and finding the customer needs for affordable prices.

Better communication with the customer is a major success key factor, they do through oral community forums to help the customer all oral related doubts and problems with the help of the dental professional. They always wanted to be the best in the oral industry. They do a regular update in the electric toothbrush model.

Burst became a successful company in selling in oral care products such as electric toothbrush, toothpaste, teeth whitener and floss a business one of the iconic product burst sonic electric toothbrush is one of the most sensational brands ever and got enormous reviews on the internet.

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quip electric toothbrush

Quip is the bridge between the customer and the dentist. Main focusing on smart design that fits the current lifestyle and efficient in solving all customer oral problems. The company is very honest with its customers with no hidden secrets.

They believe in the design, an outstanding upgraded design would impact the brushing technique and provide better oral health.

These guys know better than anybody what best for your teeth and with all the upgraded innovation with the simple design the quip electric toothbrush gives you and your family huge impacts on your brushing style.

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Apart from all the brands and tech of different brands mentioned above, which one to choose is a little more complicated but it’s not that much tough. Every brand has its own good and bad thing unless if you use one of them you cannot judge these brands. Frankly, as far I and my team used we like oral b and Philips for its Sonicare tech and other brands for its unique features. So stay in touch with us to know more about oral care products.